Learning the old fashioned way!

Almost all landscape companies, both small and large, are made up of very talented and knowledgeable landscapers. Some company owner’s, unfortunately are just not very good businessmen. It is not the owner’s fault. Most of us grew up wanting to work outside of an office environment…literally outside. We studied subjects in our fields of expertise and certainly learned along the way, including the famous School of Hard Knocks!!! We even took planning and business classes and even the dreaded financial planning classes. We worked hard, meant well and did well, and most of us prospered to a certain degree.

What some of us never did do was learn the “Business of Landscaping”. This is the stuff that all really successful business owners know…or they hire someone to know and initiate it for them. Most smaller contractor’s, those of us still in the field working behind a wheelbarrow instead of a desk, just never found the time to do the things that are really necessary to run a successful businss…and it doesn’t matter what field it is in. Business is business. And most of would rather not bother taking the time necessary out of our busy day.

Well, here’s the good news. Actually, the great news!!! Systems, yes business systems, can be designed for every company to simplify the road to continued success in a difficult business economy…and beyond. Find an experienced person or firm that has a history of successes and tap into their knowledge. Maybe it is a successful friend or a friends friend…a mentor. Maybe it is a book on good business practices. Maybe it is a small company designed to help the smaller and newer companies to learn the valuable “Business of Landscaping”.

landscape Systems and Designs llc is just such a company. Maybe a call to us for a free consultation will shed some lighjt on how easy it can be to get on the track to continued success in the landscape industry. Please take the time right now to call for our free consultation. 720-569-0653. Thanks for your time and have a fabulous day!!!

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